Pictured left to right

Back row: Matt Dlouhy, Brian Eschen, Chris Wheeler, Lexi Coberly (ED), and Amanda Brant

Middle Row: Derrick Claye and Roger Jensen

Front Row: Jim Neal

Missing: Alicia Faust and Rob Klein

  • President: Brian Eschen- Veteran; United States Navy 
  • Vice-President: Roger Jensen- Veteran; United States Marines
  • Treasurer: Matt Dlouhy- Community Volunteer
  • Secretary: Amanda Brant- Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
  • Derrick Claye- Active Duty; Iowa National Guard
  • Alicia Faust- Willis Dady
  • Rob Klein- Veteran; Iowa National Guard 
  •  Jim Neal- Veteran; United States Navy
  • Chris Wheeler- Point Builders

2023 Freedom Foundation Board of Directors

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