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Freedom Foundation,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance. From time to time there are Veterans like myself that fall short. I'm grateful that Veterans help Veterans. We look out for each other.
- Richard M

To whom it may concern:
I really appreciate the assistance from these guys, because without their help this matter would have gotten out of hand. and would have put me even farther in debt with this company, "to the point I would have had a real problem catching up". So, I'm grateful for the help, and you guys are great, God Bless you! You do what needs to be done when needed-not after the fact- "you know what I mean"! This makes me proud to be a vet.
- Ricky M.

Thank you to the Freedom Foundation! you guys were instrumental in helping me get to Cedar Rapids. Gave me nourishment and a safe place to hang out.
I have been treated with such great respect its beyond words. The Foundation has played a pivotal role in helping me secure an apartment.
God Bless all of you, and God Bless America!
- Mr. Lonzo P.

It means so much to us and our family if it wasn't for the Freedom Foundation we wouldn't be able to go to food or get help for other resources that are important to Veterans and their families. Thank You Freedom Foundation for all you do.

- Derek W.

It was a life saver for me with the help given by Freedom Foundation, without it I would have been homeless living out of my car!

- Vance K.​