The Freedom Foundation's Veteran's Outreach Program strives to provide essential services such as:

  • Camaraderie
  • Veterans Pantry
  • ​Emergency Lodging/Shelter
  • Resource Center
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Recreational Activities
  • Free Weekly Lunch for Veterans

In 2022

  • 6,514 - Number of Veterans/Individuals (Includes Veterans and Family Members/Guests) visiting the Freedom Foundation's Veteran's Center

Food Pantry:

  • 40,453 - Pounds of food, personal care items, and household items handed out
  • 1,902- Number of Veterans served in the pantry
  • 94- Brand new Veterans added to our pantry list

Meals Provided:

  • 3445- Number of Veteran Meals served at the "Thursday Veteran's Weekly Lunch Program."
  • 17- lunches prepared and served by 11 individual companies (some multiple times) and 2 friends/family to give our regular volunteers a break. 

Volunteer Hours:

  • 195 individual volunteers
  • 6,512- Number of Volunteer Hours Donated

Emergency Financial Assistance

  • 26- Number of Veterans saved from Immediate Tenant Eviction with Emergency Rental Assistance Funds
  • 6- Number of Veterans receiving Emergency Utility Assistance Funds
  • - Number of Veterans receiving Emergency Auto Assistance
  • 21- Number of Veterans assisted financially in various ways
  • 5 - Number of Veterans and Family Members receiving Housing/Shelter Service
  • 27- Number of Veterans receiving Gift Cards to assist with gas


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